Apartes: salvaged and reused. Piece by piece.

Apartes is a Ralph Waldo Emerson type of endeavor, albeit neither as thoughtful nor as isolated.  

It began after important premises I had taken for granted suddenly turned out to have a poor adaptative value. The "new old man" and the "modern times" collided. Then, following a long standing interest in homesteading and a burning desire to further free myself, I left the City for a rural life in the confines of a forest in Huddungeby, north of Uppsala. Surrounded by ancient Viking enclaves. The buildings were in tatters.  

I dismantled two wooden houses in nearby locations and used the savaged materials to renovate and build new spaces. Because Apartes is also an effort to extend the useful life of materials. Born and raised in Cuba, in the philosophy of re-use and re-purpose, the recycling stations in countries like Sweden (Återvinningcentral) are sad places: too much is burned.  

Chickens and rabbits had no time to establish themselves properly. More successful was growing vegetables, but the production volume was still low. The one who grew fine was my son, who was with me whenever possible and so he had a chance to try an alternative life style.  

But I run out of money and left. The project is still alive, not yet finished, on hold since returning to the City, now in Florida. While this has mostly been a single man endeavor, I will always be grateful to the ones that helped me to start (Alejandro A., Yordi, Hans, Yoni, Leonardo, Nisse, Fredrik, Thomas and their significant others) and to continue (my neighbors in Huddungeby and my family).